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LPG Conversions

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Converting your car to LPG (Auto Gas) - Economic benefits

You can save up to 40% off your fuel bill. Due to cuts in fuel duty, LPG retails for approximately half the price of petrol and diesel. LPG vehicles also qualify for cheaper road tax.

The Government supports LPG by reducing the level of fuel duty and by giving three years' advance notice in every Budget of any changes compared with petrol and diesel. This means that we know that the price at the pumps will continue at around half the price of petrol and diesel for at least this period.

LPG is better for your engine. Its simple chemical make-up means it?s clean burning, and, as it is already in gaseous form when it enters the combustion cylinder, it burns more efficiently than petrol or diesel. Fewer deposits build up in your car engine, so it will run smoother and last longer.

Most cars having a petrol engine with spark ignition can be converted to LPG, but it is essential that you use a fully trained LPG specialist for the work. It costs around ?1,500-?2,000 to convert a car or a light van. You can recoup this outlay quickly via lower running costs.

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